Our Framework

Successful organizations and initiatives come in all shapes and sizes.  But they have one thing in common: a clear sense of who they serve, how they define success and where they want to be in the future.  We believe it is not enough for a few leaders to have this perspective; all internal and external stakeholders should be committed to this shared sense of purpose.  We can help you build a broad-based strategic direction for your organization based on coherent, realistic and mutually agreed-upon definitions of success.

There are many terms to describe these components of a framework for success.  There is no one right vocabulary; however, we have found that consistency in language helps organizations tell their story to Board recruits, new staff, prospective funders and the world at large.  Our model for success is built on six critical components:

Mission spells out the core purpose of the organization or initiative – what you do and who you serve.

Vision paints a broad picture of where you want to be over a specified time – especially as defined by improved conditions among those you serve.

Values express your sense of right and wrong in how you go about your mission.  They speak to behavior and mindset – especially inside the organization or initiative.

Goals are more concrete and measurable statements that flesh out your vision.  Each goal will have specific strategies and indicators associated with it.

Vigilance is a mindset based on paying attention to your progress towards your vision and your continued focus on your mission.

Context is your awareness of the outside world and the pace of change that affects those you seek to serve as well as your organization or initiative and its partners and funders.

We know that this strategic work can be done in a manner that drives the next steps to achieve the results you seek.  We will work with you to chart a clear path that informs the next 90 days as well as the coming years for your organization or initiative.